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The BIMAR real estate is a group of professionals that operate upon someone in all the territory and everywhere there are a real estate problem, with a tried experience in the more mattered city and tourist place putting to disposition his structure.


SALES OF: immovable properties, stable, villa, farmhouses, terrestrial, yards, holiday village, officiates, commercial local and sheds


LEASE OF: residences ( furnish and not ), urban and tourist, officiates, commercial local, sheds, guaranteeing the maximum guardianship of the depart


TECHNICIAN OF: consultation, planning, restructuring, decoration ( interns and expresses ), construction and piece of furniture of interns


TO BORROWS: where it is possible get: borrows banking with the more important Italian banks without errand expenses, on the contrary with a discount on behalf of the instruction bank practises and insurance practical for the Your legal immovable property: where she/he/it/you is possible address directly to lawyers, noticed, specialized professional accountants in the Real Estate