Protege y mejora tus propiedades con nuestro asesoramiento

BIMAR S.A.S. ha estado operando en el sector inmobiliario por más de veinte años y puede satisfacer las nuevas demandas del mercado internacional.

Con la ayuda de un grupo de profesionales serios y competentes, proteja sus derechos y pueda ocuparse de sus intereses, ofreciendo soluciones personalizadas a través de un análisis de 360 ​​° de sus activos inmobiliarios:

– asistencia para comprar y vender;
– estimaciones y estimaciones comparativas;
– controles de planificación urbana;
– tierra y concesiones;
– gestión valorada;
– elaboraciones con estrategias y potencial;
– análisis de condominios;
– registros catastrales e hipotecarios;
– asistencia legal, fiscal, financiera y económica;
– consultoría de planificación técnica.


BIMAR S.A.S también puede ofrecerle su experiencia para verificar las acciones de aquellos que han administrado sus propiedades hasta ahora; así tendrá las opiniones y soluciones de un tercer experto y desinteresado.
BIMAR S.A.S. los asesores inmobiliarios le ahorrarán un tiempo y dinero valiosos al disolver sus dudas y brindar soluciones que satisfagan sus intereses.

The choice of the professional who can clearly and competently illustrate the correct path to follow for those who venture into real estate matters is not always simple.

Your lawyer, accountant or habitual architect in fact, although by training and by definition knows the subject, can not always boast that particular insight into the subject and can not always dedicate himself to deepen your problems.

Bimar s.a.s., with a staff of professionals who work together, deals with real estate telematics with a multidisciplinary approach, offering effective and complete solutions.

The stipulation and / or evaluation of contracts, the mortgage, the mediation, surveys and audits of the Entities, the verification of any encumbrances, the assessment of the taxation of income derived, the verification of tax benefits and other, the analysis and asset management are some of the activities carried out by Bimar sas professionals which has been operating in the real estate sector for over 20 years.

The absence or negligent indifference of specific controls before a purchase / sale, of all that series of rules, regulations, regulations and prescriptions imposed by local authorities, as well as a complete analysis of the regulations and condominium resolutions, can often generate unexpected problems and debase the value of your business.

With a preventive check you do not risk unpleasant surprises.

The Bimar sas is able to assist you to check that there are no irregular building practices and that the habitability / practicability has actually been released, as well as check that the private and condominium facilities are compliant with the new regulations, offering advice that normally goes beyond from the skills of the chosen professional.

You will also have a complete picture of all aspects relating to the rights and duties of condominiums, to the rights to common things, to relations with the administrator, as well as to the interpretation of the condominium regulations and the millesimal tables and the right allocation of expenses.

Even requesting a simple survey at the Conservatory of Real Estate Registers or at the Urban Cadastre, can present pitfalls and can generate problems and misunderstandings.

The reading of these registers is in fact resolved with the transcription of sterile data, but must be understood and well articulated, so as to offer a clear and comprehensive picture to the client.

Bimar s.a.s. not only does it control the real estate properties at the Conservatory of Real Estate Registries and, when necessary, at the local office, but it offers you a quick and competent interpretation of the result of the same, able to clarify the real estate consistency (location, type of assets, plan and cadastral income, ownership shares, origin) and indication of the burdens that insist on such assets (number, date and amount of the deed, assets affected by liens, subject in favor and against).

The documentation attesting to the property is not always exact and complete and this is why it is very important to have it checked by experts and competent professionals.

In the presence of a real estate, large or small, it is faced with concrete, existing and tangible values; these values, by definition, can enslave your economic needs in the most varied ways: not necessarily presenting themselves to be sold or purchased, but valued for those that are the real potential for development and extension with all those aspects that are not grasped by those who he does not have the preparation and the complete experience of the subject.

Bimar s.a.s. has developed great experience in the international real estate market and gained a deep knowledge of the dynamics that influence its performance.

It is thus able to measure the value and income potential of a property and to develop strategies for creating value, selected and adapted to the specific characteristics of the assets to which they must apply and according to the needs of the client.

In this way you will be offered the opportunity to identify the best solution and the most suitable tool for the enhancement of your properties.

A house, land or a real estate complex not enjoyed by the property or not as income, proves to be only a cost, even though most of the real estate possesses a potential income capacity.

The enhancement of real estate assets means growth in value through a process aimed at maximizing its capacity to generate income and through management and structural measures aimed at bringing out any unexpressed capacity.

For this purpose a complete analysis of the real estate assets is required, defining their characteristics, any changes, examining the existing contracts and the economic and financial feasibility of the strategic real estate valuation options, naturally assessing the legal – fiscal and urban aspects for the choice of the junta and personalize strategy.

Bimar s.a.s. possesses these skills and can develop projects aimed at creating value to the property also an effective and productive management of the same.

Our services for estimative or sworn appraisals are:
– quantification of the value of a property before the purchase (summary estimate and analytical estimate);
– metric calculation for constructive feasibility work of the intervention and related concession charges;
– evaluation of the venal value of a land or building;
– assessment of the regulatory and construction feasibility of the intervention;
– metric calculation for maintenance work;
– evaluation of the market value of a property for mortgage loans.

1. Estimating or sworn appraisals
Who must apply for: a mortgage with a bank, to buy or sell a property, is in need to make the property appraise, compared to market values. The same market value applies to properties intended for residential, commercial, office and production use.
Other estimative appraisals are aimed at building interventions and their compliance with the urban-building regulations and the value of a property for the calculation of the expropriation compensation for public utility.

our rental services:
evaluation of the rent of the building in relation to:
– to market values ​​based on the area;
– services offered by the real estate unit;
– at the state of the property in progress;
– to the position, and to the state of the plants;
– of the correct rent of the building.

2. Valuations and Rental Evaluations
Do you have to build up a real estate unit of property? Letting it through the real estate consultants of BIMAR S.a.s. you will be given the evaluation of the probable rental value of a residential, commercial, office and productive use building. The surface and the state of maintenance of a dwelling for the purpose of the rental value.